We made it

I know it has been a few days, but I thought that I should let our followers know that we are home safe and sound.  Thank you for your prayers.

"Don’t forget us."

There have been many things that have happened in the last week, and God has been in them all.  We continued the VBS work in the school in La Ceba, and everyone really enjoyed the time there.  We also continued visited feeding programs in the area and playing with the kids.  It is always a blessing to help serve in those programs.

The women got to talk to 2 women’s small groups one day.  I was not there, but I hear it was incredible.  the guys got to do a young men’s group one day.  We did a footwashing service.  All of the guys on the team and the Open Eyes intern, AJ, all took turns speaking on footwashing and then we washed their feet.  It was interesting to see how they all reacted, since the idea of a man serving anyone but himself is completely foreign here.  Some were laughing, but as soon as one of us knealt before them, their countenance changed.

Yesterday, we got to help at another Sunday church service.  The afternoon brought a special blessing when we got to do a youth conference.  Everyone on the team shared their testimony as it pertains to God’s use of young people and planning for the future.  The theme was youth with a purpose, and I feel like it was a blessing for everyone there.  Us and them. 

Another fantastic opportunity we have had is doing what the missionaries here call Extreme Evangelism.  This is basically door-to-door evangelism, but the only access to each home is a very muddy, very rocky road that only the 4 wheel drive truck can get down.  It takes so much time to get to each home that we only were able to minister to 3 families, but each was an extreme blessing.  We got to return today to continue building relationships with these 3 families.  It is sad to hear how forgotten the people of that area are.  Nobody visits them, but we got to share the gospel and share testimonies of what God has done in our lives.  Today, as we were leaving a house, an old woman said, “Don’t forget me.”  I don’t think we ever will.  The experiences with those 3 forgotten families were eye-opening and extreme blessings.

We wrapped up today by going to the soccer feild (an abandoned basketball court) and playing soccer with the youth of the village.  Pretty soon, we got a following of young children.  through foam crafts and balloons, we were able to cross the language barriers and had a blast.

There are so many people here that we will never forget.  It has been such a blessing.  We have one more day in Nicaragua.  The guys are gonig to do a service in the morning for guys on house arrest, in prison (some murderers), and guys on parole.  In the afternoon, the group is going to go work in a nursing home in Leon.  Then we head back to the States on Wednesday. 

Again, we thank you for your prayers.  Although it is short, we know our time is not up yet.  God still has big plans for the ministry in Nicaragua.

First Update

Hello everyone.  We are truly sorry for the time between updates.  We have very little internet access, and it only works if you stand in one spot in the house and turn the computer the right way.

There is so much to tell you.  This trip has been incredible.  The first day was spent with another team who was just finishing their trip, so we got in on their fun/souvenir day.  We hiked an active volcano, and we rode sleds down the lava rock sand.  Some of us got up to 50 mph!  It was a lot of fun.

Day 2 began ministry time.  We were priviledged to get to serve at one of the feeding programs that the contacts do here.  There were probably about 50 kids that we sang with, taught songs to, did skits for, and played with, and then some of the team got to serve the meal.  In the afternoon, we got to do street evangelism in a village called Arnecon.  We broke into 3 groups (still with the Tennessee team) and 4 were saved.  Our contact, Erick, preached that night at a campaign we held in the middle of a field lit only by a flourescent bulb hanging from a tree.  We got to sing and do one of our skits, which was an amazing time.

Day 3 began with a trip to a local church.  We shared testimonies, songs, and skits with the people, and then the pastor asked us to take the children’s time.  So, we threw together a last minute children’s time and got to have a lot of fun with some adorable kids.  The afternoon was spent in Arnecon doing door to door evangelism again.  This time we were in 2 groups, because the other team had gone.  4 more people were saved!  That night, we got to do a couple of our dramas, and gave another testimony.  At the end of the service…3 more got saved!  It is incredible to watch what God is doing here.

Yesterday and today were spent doing many things.  The days start with us leaving at 7am to head to a school in La Ceba to do VBS.  We are working with one class each morning.  This time was awesome with both groups.  It was incredible to see what joy a couple crafts, songs, and skits can bring to kids.  We have also been continuing our tour of the feeding programs.  We have visited 3 now, and it never gets old.  The opportunity to serve the children spiritual and material “bread” is indescribable.  We also spent some time yesterday afternoon throwing all of the rocks we could find into a giant hole in the road that has been filled by the huge rainstorms we have every day so that the truck can go out and back in on the road to the outside world. 

Last night we got to go to a youth service with about 200 or more youth.  It was such a spirit-filled service.  It was also great seeing young people lead young people.  What a blessing.

The women are currently working at a sewing mission with several women, and us guys are working on organizing our VBS materials and planning a youth conference for this weekend.  Again, we appreciate your prayers so much.  I have no idea when we will get to write again, but know that we are ok, and the work of the Lord continues in Nicaragua. 

Que Dios les bendiga!

We’re there!

We made it to Nicaragua and are safe!

On our way!

On our way!

On our way!!!

Well, today is the day.  We survived 2 unbelievable days of ropes and training.  It was really incredible, and God definitely broke our hearts for the people we will be working with.  We are more prepared now than ever, and…although a little tired…so ready to start this trek.  

Our flight is at 4:22pm this afternoon, and we are planned to arrive in Managua, Nicaragua at 9:20pm tonight.  We would love and appreciate your prayers and will update as much as we can.

Here we go!!!

Terrance Volden:  Hi!  I am Terrance Volden, and I am originally from Liberal, KS.  At Sterling college, I majored in Theatre and am now finishing my Education License in Theatre with a music endorsement.  I am so excited to be leading this wonderful team to Nicaragua, and look forward to what God has in stor for us.  

Hey! My name is Kadi Smith and I just completed my sophomore year at Sterling College as a Mathematics Education major! I call northeastern Colorado home and absolutely love riding my horses and riding four-wheelers on the farm! My favorite color is green and I despise snakes!! A countdown for this Nicaraguan trip has been on my calendar since before Christmas! I am so excited to see what God is going to do with this team!

My name is Lisa Laney and I am from Shawnee, KS. I am a junior; I am majoring Elementary Education and minoring in Urban Ministry. I love volunteering and doing art. 

My name is Ashley Hasart, and I am from Norco, California.  I love my trip to Guatemala last summer, and am extremely excited for what God has planned for us in Nicaragua!

Name: Nathan West
From: Oklahoma City, OK
Year: Senior
Interests: My relationship with Christ, family, friends, movies, television, history, exercising, mass media, movie trivia, and reading.
Hopes for the Nicaragua trip: to create wonderful memories with my fellow teammembers, that God will stretch us and use us in ways we did not anticipate, to be dependent on God the whole way and have a heart for the people and ministry.
PS to not get sick!
Hey.  I am Shane Rogers from Wichita, KS.  I am a theatre major at SC.  I am also active in the music department.  This will be my first time out of the country, and it is very exciting!
Cody Green
Age: 18
From: Wichita, Kansas
Year: Freshman
Interests:  Graphic Arts
Music - Vocal & Instrumental Performance